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European Congress of Agribusiness Managers 18-19 November 2014, Łysomice near Toruń

The Kuyavian-Pomeranian Congress of Employers in Agribusiness together with the European Landowners' Organization have the honour to inform you about the first in Poland European Congress of Agribusiness Managers organised under the banner of three I's: innovation, intelligent development and integration. The event will be hosted under the honourable patronage of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, the voivode of Kuyavian-Pomeranian and the Chairman of the Agriculture Committee of the European Parliament. The aim of the Congress is to familiarise the participants with current tendencies and the direction of change in the european field of environment activity, agribusiness especially agricultural producers.

Intelligent development, intelligent specialisations and innovation are priorities in development for 2014-2020 and this is why we are preparing, as an agribusiness environment, for new challenges.

A part of the preparation will be the lectures given by speakers from Brussels: Emannuelle Mikosz, Thierry de l'Escaille – Secretary-general of ELO, Marie Alice Budniok – Director of legal and administrative affairs of ELO, Pierre Crahay – Coordinator of ELO project. Other speakers will be: a Member of the European Parliament, a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the representatives of government agencies and experts in the field of agricultural production.

During the Congress the participants will be able to familiarise themselves with innovative business undertakings in rural areas, with the potential that new EU perspective can provide, as well as, with the possibilities of further development of SMEs and farms that makes use of available instruments of financial engineering and creative solutions with the transfer of knowledge and know-how.

For individual participants we provide a possibility of choosing thematic sessions, taking part in integrating agribusiness environment from Poland and Europe, getting to know new companies and people. Through business tables we also create a space for business relations for participants from Poland and Europe. 

Because of the european character of the event spots are limited and applicants will be handled on a first-come-first-service basis. You can find more information and the programme on our website in the information section and in the Association's office, phone number 52/322-48-79.


The Congress is connected with the 20th anniversary of the Association's existence.
active participation of Poland in the EU legislation co-financed from the funds of the Norwegian Fin

Summary of the expertise on the Communication of the Commission of European Communities

to the European Council and European Parliament

‘Better access for rural areas to modern ICT’



The European Commission (KE) in its Communication notes that the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) on farms, agrifood sector, entrepreneurs, business-related institutions, producer groups from rural area can be a factor determining an increase in their competitiveness on local, regional and global markets leading to the scale effect.

As regards farms and agrifood sector, the European Commission notes that a lack of effective mechanism of popularising the advantages of ICT implementation has a negative effect on the agrifood sector, which results in: limiting the competitiveness of farmers, lack of innovative farm management forms implementation, limiting the adjustment of the enterprise to changing market requirements, limiting growth and quality enhancement of produce, lack of knowledge about the changes in market trends, limited access to knowledge and new technologies, limited use of new e-services available.

Common ICT implementation to agrifood sector and farms as well as Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprise Sector in rural areas can, however, have a positive effect on establishing cooperation, enhancing competitiveness, increasing efficiency, shortening working time connected with commercial transactions (e-commerce, e-business), implementing rationalisations and innovations,  developing new activity, diversifying farmer’s income, economic and social development in a given region.

The Commission, realising an essential difference in the degree of ICT use in rural and urban areas, points to the necessity of continued actions to ensure the access to broadband Internet and ICT implementation, allocating additional funds for that purpose, 

          According to the Communication of the European Commission, the scope of activities connected with ICT implementation, especially in the agrifood sector and forestry, has been still insufficient. A lack of awareness of the benefits of the widely understood information and communication technologies is a reason for a missing interest in ICT implementation by agrifood sector entrepreneurs.

The Commission, in its guidelines, shows that the ICT actions should cover ‘activities such as PC ownership, professional ICT and e-business training for farmers, food processors, rural agricultural and non-agricultural businesses as well as digital literacy actions for the rural population’.

The expertise has been commissioned by the Employers-Lessors and Farm Owners Association as part of the project of the Office of the Committee for European Integration ‘Reinforcement of the active participation of Poland in the EU legislation co-financed from the funds of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.
Meeting if Associations in Warsaw


We inform you that on 21st September 2007, a Board of Federation of Employers-Lessors and Farm Owners Associations will meet in Warsaw with the participation of Wojciech Mojzesowicz, Minister of Agriculture and Agricultural Development.

2. IT course at The University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz (06/09/2007)

We inform you that IT course “Businesses and Farms Development Through Use of IT Techniques” will take place on 25th September 2007 in Bydgoszcz, Department of Management, Division “IT in Management”, The University of Technology and Life Sciences. The course is free of charge and is directed at managerial staff and employees of your companies. We have 12 places for our members. Persons interested, please contact Association’s office through telephone or e-mail.

Examining conditions for running economic activities (17/08/2007)

Upon invitation from Domestic Chamber of Commerce, Association joined in carrying out surveys among entrepreneurs concerning their assessment as to conditions for running economic activities, the so called European Economic Survey. The survey is being currently carried out in all EU countries.


On 28th September 2007 at 11.00 in Lubostroń Palace a conference will be held, organised by our Association called “Transfer of knowledge and new services to agricultural enterprises – carrying out of the KIGNET project. The main subject of the conference will be possibilities related to development of enterprises from the agricultural sector using latest IT techniques and implementing new services which increase the level of businesses’ competitiveness. An essential subject will also be financing investments in the years 2007-2013 in rural areas.

INFORMATION SERVICE Office Rules and regulations Gallery Current activities Trainings We cooperate w



“Transfer of knowledge and new services to agricultural enterprises – carrying out of the KIGNET project”



11.00-11.15    Opening the conference

                        President of Management Roman Wiatrowski

11.15-11.30    “Services for enterprises within a chamber network KIGNET in Poland

Barbara Kosicka – KIGNET Office Director – Domestic Chamber of Commerce 

11.30-11.45    “Transfer of knowledge and new services to agricultural enterprises – carrying out of the project KIGNET”

Hanna Łowicka – project coordinator   

11.45-12.00    “Legislation solutions from the aspect of development of agricultural enterprises and rural areas”

Senator Józef Łyczak

12.00-12.20    “Financing development of agricultural enterprises from structural funds in the years 2007-2013”

Beata Nawrocka – Director of Agency for Restructuring and Agriculture Modernization (local branch)

12.20-12.40    “Actions by Federation of Associations with the aim of supporting development of agricultural enterprises”

Leszek Dereziński – President of Federation of Employers-Lessors and Farm Owners Associations in Warsaw

12.40-13.00    Coffee break



13.00-13.15    “Using IT techniques in enterprises of the agricultural sector”

Dr inż. M. Zajdel – Department of Management, The University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz

13.15-13.40    “Assisting livestock production management”

Krzysztof Świątczak – President of KST K/fONSULTING Poznań

13.40-14.00    “Differentiation of agricultural activity through development of long-term plantations of energetic plants”

Krzysztof Szyc – Director of Department for Development CERGIA S.A.

14.00-14.20    “New possibilities connected with commercial transactions – Warsaw Commodities Exchange”

Prof Michał Jerzak – President of Warsaw Commodities Exchange

14.20-14.40    “Financing development of farms and agricultural enterprises”

Stanisław Krukar – Director of BGŻ  (regional branch)

14.40-15.00    Summarising the conference

President of Management Roman Wiatrowski

15.00               Dinner   


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