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KIGNET project has been run from January 2005 until September 2007 nationwide as part of Operational Programme: Increase in Competitiveness of Enterprises – Sub-activity 1.1.2: Supporting institutions included in business environment and business environment network. 80 institutions participate in the project, mainly small and medium businesses. The main aim of the project is creating network of business environment institutions which will support multifunctional development of small and medium businesses. As part of the project, new services will be developed. Subsequently, after the project has come to an end, the subjects running the project will provide the services for the benefit of their members. The project consists of 13 trade related sub-networks and 3 functional sub-networks. Each member of KIGNET could choose between different sub-networks according to their respective areas of interest and activity. The association decided to join 2 trade related sub-networks and 3 functional sub-networks.


The conference of which the subject was “The Influence of Policy of Uniformity In the Years 2004-2006 on Stimulation of Regional Development Through Business Development – Experiences and Conclusions For the Future” was held on 14th September 2007 at the seat of Domestic Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw. The conference was attended by the following persons (among others):Andrzej Arendarski – President of Domestic Chamber of Commerce, Barbara Kosicka –KIGNET KIG Office Director, Danuta Hübner – EC Commissioner for Regional Development, Grażyna Gęsicka – Minister of Regional Development, Danuta Jabłońska – President of Polish Agency for Business Development, Pierre Simon – President of European Chambers Association and participants from all over Poland.



The conference was also an opportunity for summing up the project KIGNET – chamber system supporting competitiveness of Polish enterprises, which was coming towards an end, as well as presenting selected services developed as part of this project. Soon, on finishing the project, we will include in our website a new bookmark with information for enterprises about new services offered by member chambers KIG.


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