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Objectives of the Association include:


Section 10. Objectives of the Association include:

  1. Protection of rights and representing interests of associated members before workers’ trade unions, governmental and national administration bodies as well as local governmental bodies and The Treasury of State Agency for Agricultural Property.
  2. Cooperation with financial institutions and organizations whose main objective is providing services for agricultural market and other economic subjects.
  3. Undertaking all measures with the aim of modernizing farming production of its members as well as creating possibilities to improve employees’ working conditions.
  4. organisational, specialist and legal assistance for Association members.
  5. Propagating work related ethical rules to be complied with by employers; propagating good commerce habits and positive attitudes.
  6. Integration of employers who are lessors and farm owners.
  7. Cooperation with international supporting organizations and organizations associating agricultural Employers outside Poland.
  8. Undertaking measures aimed at increasing export of farm products through initiating business contacts with foreign subjects.
  9. Aiming at:

a) improvement and stabilisation of conditions for development of Polish farming and its commercial environment

b) stabilizing the policy of the country and local governments in respect of farming, according to interests of economic subjects acting in the field of agriculture,

c) appropriate directing of property, legal and organisational conversions in Polish farming and its environment as well as proper directing of trade rules beneficial to this sphere of economy.

  1. Promotion of competitiveness and innovativeness in Polish enterprises.
  2. Staff training with the aim of preparing them for requirements set by modern market economy and confrontation with economies of other EU countries.
  3. Actions with the aim of promoting employment and activating women and disabled people.
  4. Actions with the aim of innovating small and medium enterprises, particularly within rural areas.
  5. Creating partnership for the benefit of local development and promotion of the idea of partnership.
  6. Actions for the benefit of rural areas.

Section 11. Association intends to accomplish the above objectives through:

  1. Cooperation with Agency in solving individual and collective problems of Association members with the possibility of putting forward a proposal in respect of concluding an agreement which regulates in detail mutual relation between Agency and all lessors and administrators of agricultural properties of State Treasury as well as representing Association members in negotiations on their individual relations with Agency.
  2. Organising an exchange of economic experiences among Association members.
  3. Organising cooperation of Association members in running economic activity in all forms.
  4. Undertaking collective measures in respect of commercial trading.
  5. Influencing the creation of the country’s policy and local governments within the context of agriculture and structural and property conversions in farming and its environment as well as influencing problems related to employment in the farming sector through making proposals and remarks regarding the processes of adopting and using law as well as creating rules for commercial trading so that they satisfy the needs of governmental and public administration bodies as well as political parties which function within the parliament and bodies of local government.
  6. Obtaining and making available to Association members direct current economic, legal and organisational information essential for Association members’ activity.
  7. Organising and providing Association members with counselling services, trainings, technical assistance, organizational and legal assistance, market research and market prediction as well as providing assistance in negotiating with trade unions.
  8. Cooperation with other social and work farmers’ organizations and other economic subjects’ organizations, particularly connected with farming and its environment.
  9. Coordination of economic activities of Association members.
  10. Distribution of information on condition of Polish agriculture and its own actions undertaken in that respect.
  11. Running business activity by Association according to binding regulations.
  12. Initiating and doing researches, analyses and investigations with the aim of satisfying the needs of small and medium enterprises in respect of labour market and its monitoring within rural areas.
  13. Running information campaigns for employers.
  14. Spreading information on new forms of employment and work organisation.
  15. Creating and making available an internet information exchange platform for employers and employees – regarding in particular the farming sector as well as assisting with easy transfer of knowledge concerning new technologies and scientific novelties from scientific and research units to small and medium enterprises.
  16. Organising and carrying out trainings for managerial staff in the field of small and medium enterprises functioning under conditions of Uniform European Market.
  17. Spreading knowledge concerning Mutual Farming Policy and Structural Funds.

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